In October of 2016, his solo show, The Sperm of Ten Men, was selected for performance by the largest festival of its kind, United Solo in New York City.

Ben and his family make their home in Tempe, Arizona. You can contact him at 

My Latest Audio Books


by Jana Bommersbach

Ben’s narration style is very effective, as he pulls in the listener with each chapter.  His range of voice and emotions are impressive...As the author, I wanted someone who could transform my words in a way that compelled listeners to view safety leadership through a new paradigm ... Ben accomplished this goal with flying colors! ~ David A. Galloway

Prince of Sorrows

by D.K. Marley

Safety Walk Safety Talk

​by David A. Gallaway

Ben Tyler is an award winning stage actor, director, playwright, and voice actor who voices  all manner of things, TV voice over, radio spots, and audio books.

He writes and voices a daily political satire commentary, The Angry Arizonan, that plays on Radio Free Phoenix ​Monday - Friday.