​​​Guns Along The Rio

Ben Tyler is possibly the only person I can see narrating this book. He does excellent work - Patty H.​​

The Angry Arizonan...

Ben Tyler brought the characters to life! - DK

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The Mormon Marshal
​Mr. Tyler does an outstanding job making this audio very realistic with voices and tones that fit the part of the Wild West.  I am really looking forward to checking out more of his work. - Cyn

Ben Tyler delivered a well accented sound picture with exceptional character delineation. - Paul

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Ember of War

The narration was great, Ben Tyler fit my image of Lee perfectly. He lightened his voice for the female characters, and his accents were perfect.  - Heather Y

​Mr Tyler kept me laughing with his different character voices.  For me the narrator really brought the story to life, I had no trouble picturing the aliens or the characters trying to save their way of life as well as their life. He really did a wonderful performance. - Cyn